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Family Planning

Contraception Advice

Our doctors can discuss a wide range of contraceptive options which are available to women and men. These include contraceptive pills, injections, implants (see Implanon), intra-uterine devices (see Mirena coil), other devices (Evra Patch), and permanent procedures (such as vasectomy and female sterilization).

The Doctor can go through each option and give advice on which may be the most suitable option.

Implanon Insertion

This is a small plastic device containing a low dose of hormone which is released slowly over three years. It is inserted into the upper arm and should be removed or replaced after three years. Again this procedure can take 30 minutes so please advise reception staff of this when making your appointment.

Emergency Contraception

All our doctors can offer advice regarding the need and the options for emergency contraception. The "morning after pill" can in fact be taken up to three days after unprotected intercourse.

Change up to three days to up to five days.

Vasectomy Advice

Vasectomy is a permanent procedure performed under anaesthetic, we can advise you regarding this procedure and refer you for it.

Crisis Pregnancy Options

Our doctors can help and advise regarding options in the case of crisis pregnancy.

Fertility Care

If you have any concerns regarding a delay getting pregnant, our doctors can discuss and advise you. We can also carry out preliminary investigations, and subsequently refer you on to a consultant if required.



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